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ZHONG Sara Hua

Associate Professor
PhD (Pennsylvania State University)

Tel: +852 3943 6613
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Sara Zhong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, CUHK. She is also the Taught Postgraduate Division Head of the Gender Studies Programme and a member of the Programme Board of the Centre for China Studies at CUHK. Her research interests include cross-cultural comparisons of social development and crime trends by gender and age, migration and crime/victimisation in China, organisational studies on the criminal justice system, social forces of juvenile delinquency and substance abuse, social problems in broader Chinese societies and quantitative research methods. She has authored articles on the above topics in Criminology, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Laws, Journal of Criminal Justice, Feminist Criminology, Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, and Asian Journal of Criminology. In 2013, she completed a comparative study of social change and crime trends in Hong Kong and London as a visiting scholar at the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University. She is currently conducting two large-scale research projects: one involves monitoring and interpreting the recent changes in cross-border drug use between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, funded by the Beat Drugs Fund in Hong Kong; the other concerns social exclusion and migrant workers 'victimisation'in modern China, funded by the GRF. She is also coordinating several other projects as Director of the Pearl River Delta Social Research Centre. Currently, she is editing a book entitled Contemporary Chinese Societies (co-edited with Prof Chan Kin-Man), which will be published soon by the Chinese University Press.

Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Sociology of Law
  • Gender Issues
  • Development and Society

Selected Publications
2013 "Delinquency and Crime among Immigrant Youth—An Integrative Review of Theoretical Explanations" Laws, 2, 210-232. (Co-authored with Xi Chen)"
2011 "Public opinions on criminal trials in China: A comparative study of Chinese college students in the PRC and Hong Kong." Asian Criminology 6, 191-205. (Co-authored with Ming Hu and Bin Liang)."
2010 "Exploring Gender-Specific Trends in Underage Drinking Across Adolescent Age Groups and Measures of Drinking: Is Girls'Drinking Catching Up with Boys'?" Journal of Youth & Adolescence, 39: 911-926. (Co-authored with Jennifer Schwartz)"
2009 "Trends in the Gender Gap in Violence: Reevaluating NCVS and other Evidence". Criminology vol.47 no.2, pp.701-724. (Co-authored With Jennifer Schwartz, Darrell Steffensmeier and Jeffery Ackerman)."
2008 「Chapter 9: Feminism Criminology」 (in Chinese). In Liqun Cao and Xin Ren (eds.). Criminology. Beijing: People's University Press.
2007 "Victim Protection in Domestic Violence: Current Situations and Future Development in China," (in Chinese). Victim Protection Series. Beijing: China Court Press."
2006 "Linking Crime Rates to Relationship Factors: The Use of Gender-Specifc Data." Journal of Criminal Justice, 34: 317-329. (Co-authored With Celia Lo)"
2006 "Gender Gap Trends in Committing Personal Violent Crimes: A UCR-NCVS Comparison." Feminist Criminology, 1: 72-98. (Co-authored with Darrell Steffensmeier, Jeff Ackerman and Jennifer Schwartz)."
2005 "Does Gender Matter? Assessing the New D.A.R.E. Program Effects on Mediating Variables Across Gender Groups." Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 49: 15-25. (Co-authored with Xin Zhao and Lucinda M. Deason-Howell)."
2005 "An Assessment of Recent Trends in Girls' Violence Using Diverse Longitudinal Sources: Implications for Normative Versus Constructionist Theories of Crime." Criminology, 43: 355-405. (Co-authored with Darrell Steffensmeier, Jennifer Schwartz and Jeff Ackerman)."

SOCI 2116 / UGEC 2983
  • Criminals and the Law
SOCI 2216
  • Social Problems in China

Administrative Duties
  • Panel of Sexual Harassment of CUHK
  • Executive Committee
    Chinese Law Programme
    Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Executive Committee
    Gender Research Centre
    Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Environmental Committee
    New Asia College
China Study Concentration Coordinator & International Student Advisor
  • Undergraduate Studies Committee
    Department of Sociology

Community and Professional Service
Student Mentor
  • Email Mentoring Program of The American Society of Criminology
Founding Member
  • Asian Criminological Association