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Principal Supervisor
Dr. George Braine


English Department

Personal Home Page


Dr. Carmel McNaught


Research Fellow
Dr. Joanna Radwanska-Williams

Macao Polytechnic Institute

Teaching Assistant

Allen Ho (B.A., M.Phil. (CUHK))

Research interests: second language writing (especially on peer response), communication across cultures, second language acquisition.
Personal interests: reading, shopping, playing ball games (like volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, and bowling).


Teaching Assistant

Wience Lai (B.A. (Poly U), M.Phil. (CUHK))


Research interests: phonetics and phonology, language teaching
Personal interests: Singing, traveling, film and drama appreciation, swimming, dancing, and working out at gym.

Teaching Assistant

Stacey Ng (B.S. (Texas), M.Phil. (CUHK))


Research interests: communicative approach, the use of creative media in language learning.
Personal interests: art, music, film, literature, writing, subcultures.

Teaching Assistant

Ada Young (B.A., M.Phil. (CUHK), Ph.D. candidate)

Research interests: psychoanalysis, feminism(s), trauma studies.
Personal interests: reading, running, working out at gym.


Teaching Assistant

Kasina Wong (B.A., M.Phil. (CUHK))

Teaching Assistant

Jane Lung

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