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The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) 

program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong aims to improve the English proficiency and thinking skills of students by encouraging teachers of all disciplines to give writing assignments more often in their courses. WAC programs are needed at Hong Kong universities because the short 3-year degree plan leaves students with little opportunity to take writing courses offered by English Departments and English Centers. Through WAC, interdisciplinary cooperation will also occur and teachers across the disciplines will benefit through the creation of a community of scholars committed to the improvement of teaching and learning.


An Invitation to Professors

If you teach in English and your course includes writing assignments, we welcome you to join the WAC program. A trained teaching assistant will be assigned to your course to provide oral and written feedback to your students on their writing assignments, mainly on organization, cohesion, format, and grammar. Writing enhancement workshops can also be offered to your students. In return, we request that you incorporate at least two of the following practices―sequenced writing, multiple drafts, peer reviews, or reflective writing―in your course.

If you wish to join, please contact Prof. George Braine at the English Department (2609 7445) with a hard copy of your course syllabus. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is Writing Across the Curriculum?
2: What type of approach does WAC@CUHK adopt?
3: What are the objectives of the WAC program at CUHK?
4: What are the reasons for emphasizing writing in the curriculum?
5: What are the four basic qualities in a piece of writing?
6: What should be in an assignment description?



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Contact us

Principal Supervisor
Dr. George Braine

Dr. Carmel McNaught

Research Fellow
Dr. Joanna Radwanska-Williams

Teaching Assistants

Allen Ho

Wience Lai

Stacey Ng


Ada Young


Kasina Wong


Jane Lung



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