"The World in East Asia/East Asia in the World"

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
6-8 July 2012



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The East Asian Anthropological Association is a scholarly association of teachers and students of anthropology based in East Asia and engaged in anthropological work on East Asia.   It has existed for several years now, and has had conferences in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Its upcoming meeting will be in Hong Kong 6-8 July 2012,   We hope that you will propose a panel or an individual paper for this conference, and will become a member of EAAA.  You do not need to be a member of EAAA at present in order to submit a panel or paper.      


Please fill out a EAAA panel proposal or EAAA individual paper proposal, which will require an abstract from you in English.  (We regret making English the conference’s language, but because of the prohibitive expense of hiring simultaneous translators, this is necessary.)  You can submit either a panel proposal, which should have 3-4 participants speaking on a common topic, or an individual paper proposal, which is your paper alone.  Individual paper proposals we will subsequently organize into panels.  Submitted panels have a somewhat better chance of being accepted for the conference than individual papers.  Panels that cross national boundaries rather than only dealing with one society are preferred, but we realize that such panels may not always be possible. 


Please send this completed panel or paper proposal form to eaaa2012@gmail.com  by 1 March 2012.  The program committee will make its decisions by 10 March, and will then send out acceptance notices, conference registration forms, and lodging forms to all participants. 


The conference will be held on 6-7 July at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, followed on 8 July by a tour of interesting Hong Kong places.  Registration will be HKD390 (=US$50), and participants will pay for their own lodging.  We will arrange lodging, at a CUHK dormitory, at a CUHK guesthouse (for which there are limited spaces), at the nearby Hyatt Regency hotel, or at Hong Kong’s famous Chungking Mansions; you will have the chance to choose which of these you would prefer.  We will provide lunches and dinners and refreshments at the conference and on the tour.


We welcome your participation and look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong in July!

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