The Threat of Obsolescence to the Freshwater Fish Farming in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's freshwater fish farming industry is facing the threat of obsolescence as a result of many factors, such as infrastructure development, the aging of the local fishing community, pollution, and competition from mainland China. The impact of these factors may bring about the decline of the fish farming industry, and may cause the total loss of one of Hong Kong's traditional occupations. This would not only mean the loss of the traditional freshwater/brackish fish farming industry, which was such an important part of the postwar social and economic development of contemporary Hong Kong society but also the loss of the important role that the fish farming industry plays in the maintenance of the nature heritage of the wetlands of Hong Kong, which serve as vital refueling stations for many migratory birds that travel between the North and the South every year. In this research project, we will examine the historical background of this traditional industry to better understand how the social development and local and environmental politics regarding the operation and management of commercial fishponds contribute to wetland conservation and the development of cultural tourism. Taking the long-term operation of commercial fishponds as an example of sustainable natural heritage preservation, this research project seeks to show how the local ecology is socio-culturally related to its surrounding communities, and to explain why freshwater fishpond farming is an essential ingredient in the sustainable development policy of Hong Kong.


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