Chung Chi College 

Science and Technology Committee

Winning Entries of Christmas Card Design Competition 2022

Champion: Miss JESSE (Year 4, Quantitative Finance)

Final year in university, this year is my final chance to re-experience everything in a face-to-face setting. I have learned many things throughout the years in university, but nothing really compares to what I learned this year which is illustrated in this design. The underlying concept of this design is having and finding genuine relationships in this fast-paced world, and interestingly this year I found it with my friends in my Chung Chi FYP project and the 4 people above are us! The Christmas Tree, the lights, the gifts and also the shining star is a hope for us to live our life to our fullest having mark our footsteps with Chung Chi College getting ready to prepare for our graduation together. With the help and guidance of God in our journey in university, we have reached wonders and also with His help, we shall shine bright as His star being the light in the dark.

1st Runner-up: Miss WEI Yantong (Year 4, Biomedical Engineering)

(Only Chinese) 這張卡片的設計靈感來源於紙雕燈,鏤空和漸變的設計意在與使總體的畫面更有層次感。卡中景觀依照從未圓湖畔至教堂間的海拔順序設計,將崇基校園中最具代表的建築包含在內。我認為金色為主要色調更能代表整個崇基學院沐浴在主的聖光之下,無論日夜主都與我們同在,同時也貼合耶誕節這一神聖的節日主題。

2nd Runner-up: Mr. CHIN Cheuk Him (Year 3, M.B., Ch.B.)

(Only Chinese) 卡片以崇基門為主體,再以透視角度,再後面加入了眾志堂,獅子亭,和曲橋,它們穿插在不同的聖誕樹中,讓人想起未圓湖岸的落羽杉。以水和曲橋作為不同建築物之間的連結,寓意就算在紛亂的時代,崇基學院仍然可以作為同學們的橋樑,讓同學們連結到彼此,而水則有流動、改變之意,代表了希望,寓意同學們終會懷著希望安然步過曲折的路。而聖誕元素方面,則以聖誕樹為主,以燈飾和雪花作為點綴,帶來濃厚的聖誕氣氛,而底色紅色更呼應了院徽的底色。

Merit: Mr. HUNG Yu Hin (Year 4, Double Degree Programme of Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor)

I wanted to make the Chung Chi College Chapel more festive. Hence, I turned it into a giant gingerbread house with Christmas decorations to make it fun and lively for Christmas. There is a giant Christmas tree beside the chapel which replaces the current trees beside the real-life chapel. And Santa running behind the snow to deliver gifts and warming regards to every Chung Chi student. There is also a snowy background to signify winter vibes even though there is no snow in Hong Kong. The church's cross has a slight glow to give guidance and clarity to students.

Merit: Miss LI Kaiyan (Year 1, Chinese Language Studies and Chinese Language Education)

(Only Chinese) 聖誕節少不了熱呼呼的火爐。而崇基禮拜堂的具標誌性的虎皮石牆和獨特的建築造型又恰恰和火爐的形狀可以作一連結。不僅形似,更寓意著崇基學院是一個如同火爐般溫暖的大家庭。而拱橋和獅子亭也化作聖誕老人和麋鹿與大家一同歡度聖誕。