Publication-related videos

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3. Sorting and targeting mechanisms
Golgi membrane proteins

4. Molecular Mechanism of Tonoplast Protein Targeting

5. Activation of the Rab7 GTPase by the MON1-CCZ1 Complex is Essential for PVC-to-Vacuole Trafficking and Plant Growth in Arabidopsis

6. Fast-suppressor screening of sof mutants in Arabidopsis I

7. Fast-suppressor screening of sof mutants in Arabidopsis II

8. A rapid and efficient method to study the function of crop plant transporters in Arabiodopsis

9. Biogenesis of Plant Prevacuolar Multivesicular Bodies

10. Molecular study of EXPO-mediated plant exocytosis

11. A BAR-Domain Protein SH3P2, Which Binds to Phosphatidylinositol 3-Phosphate and ATG8, Regulates Autophagosome Formation in Arabidopsis

12. Exocyst-Positive Organelles and Autophagosomes are Distinct Organelles in Plants

13. N-linked glycosylation of AtVSR1 is important for vacuolar protein sorting in Arabidopsis

14. AtBRO1 functions in ESCRT-I complex to regulate multivesicular body protein sorting

15. Organelle pH in the Arabidopsis Endomembrane System

16. An in vivo expression system for the identification of cargo proteins of vacuolar sorting receptors in Arabidopsis culture cells