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Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with the general ventilation system and fume-hoods for the inorganic synthetic work. It is also equipped with a number of vacuum lines and a dry-box system for the handling of air-sensitive compounds. Advanced instruments are also available for the study of inorganic compounds.

Partial list of the major instruments:

  1. UV-visible Spectrophotometer
    For characterization of inorganic samples in the UV and visible ranges (~200-800 nm)
  2. Mid-IR to Far-IR Spectrometer
    For characterization of inorganic samples in the mid-IR to far-IR range (~40-4000 cm-1)
  3. Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
    For study of magnetic properties of inorganic compounds
  4. Microwave Labstation
    For microwave-enhanced inorganic syntheses
  5. Polarimeter 
    For study of chiral molecules