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Physical Chemistry Laboratory

The Physical Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with both commercial and home-built instruments for practical works in various fields of physical chemistry such as thermochemistry, equilibrium, kinetics, and spectroscopy. Most of the instruments are designed for specific purposes, e.g., bomb-calorimeter for measurement of heat of combustion. In some cases, however, advanced equipments of general-purpose are also employed, e.g., Raman and IR spectrometers are used for the elucidation of molecular structure.

Partial list of the major instruments:

  1. NMR Spectrometer
    For study of magnetic properties of paramagnetic inorganic compounds
  2. UV-visible Spectrophotometer
    For spectroscopic studies of the electronic structures of molecules in the UV and visible ranges (~200-800 nm)
  3. Mid-IR to Far-IR Spectrometer
    For vibrational spectroscopic studies in the mid-IR to far-IR range (~40-4000 cm-1)
  4. Raman Spectrometer
    For study of molecular structure
  5. Bomb-Calorimeter 
    For measurement of heat of combustion of solid and liquid samples