Using eLearning benchmarking as a strategy to foster institutional eLearning strategic planning for the four-year curriculum

Principal Supervisor

Professor Carmel McNaught, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research


3 years

Approved Budget

HK $500,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Description of process, outcomes or deliverable
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination, diffusion and impact

Project Objectives

The primary objective was to enable stakeholders at CUHK to reflect on a number of factors related to eLearning. The benchmarking exercise was designed with the potential to foster sustainable changes within the University.

Description of process, outcomes or deliverable

The exercise at CUHK was largely adapted from the model developed by the Australasian Council on Open, Distance and ELearning (ACODE) which sets out eight benchmarks to rate. The data collection was in three phases. (1) A series of meetings with CUHK staff using a checklist of items adapted from ACODE. (2) Quantitative feedback from teachers was collected via a survey. (3) Writing reports and disseminating results; this included conversations with relevant senior CUHK staff.


Results in the exercise revealed the quality of both hardware and infrastructure to be excellent, supported by up-to-date technologies, together with adequate training for students. Nevertheless, there are gaps in the provision of support to enable teachers to make optimum use of eLearning. Therefore, it was recommended that clear institutional policy, more evaluation of ‘e’ initiatives, and more training and support for teachers were possible ways forward.

Dissemination, diffusion and impact

  • Formally disseminated to various units and committees (ITSC, AITSC, SCTL, etc.)
  • Contributed to CUHK’s existing eLearning Strategy.
  • Several presentations in 2011 and 2012 in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • CLEAR Working Paper in production.