Excellence in teaching and learning: A framework for CUHK undergraduate programmes

Principal Supervisor

Professor Keith Thomas, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research


2 years & 4 months

Approved Budget

HK $500,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Description of process, outcomes or deliverable
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination, diffusion and impact

Project Objectives

The development of a book – a quality-assurance archive – that highlights best practices in teaching and learning in CUHK undergraduate programmes, based on synthesized insights drawn from the first round of CUHK programme reviews (2005–2010), views of relevant stakeholders and relevant higher-education literature.

Description of process, outcomes or deliverable

The initial primary data source was the programme-review documentation used in the first cycle. This was supplemented with semi-structured interviews with key programme management staff in selected exemplar programmes (9 programmes in 5 Faculties; 4 comparison programmes in 4 Faculties). The resulting framework and guidelines were continually informed by, and referenced against, international literature in quality of tertiary education.


Chapter titles illustrate the grounded advice in the book:

  • Study rationale
  • Quality in higher education
  • Framework for assessing educational quality
  • Quality processes
  • Planning processes
  • Control processes
  • Quality improvement
  • Synthesis of best practice
  • National perspectives on quality in higher education
  • Looking back, looking ahead
  • Appendix 1: A list of planning (and design) process ‘do and do not’s
    Appendix 2: A list of control process ‘do and do not’s

    Dissemination, diffusion and impact

  • Book in penultimate draft (114 pages; 34,472 words)