Enrichment of electronic technology learning through engineering designs

Principal Supervisor

Professor Leung Ka Nang, Department of Electronic Engineering


3 years

Approved Budget

HK 200,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Description of process, outcomes or deliverable
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination, diffusion and impact

Project Objectives

The objective of the proposed project-based course is to develop a new engineering design course for first-year Electronic Engineering (EE) entrants, aiming at stimulating students’ enthusiasm and curiosity and at encouraging innovations.

Description of process, outcomes or deliverable

The project-based course has been offering to the new first-year EE entrants since Term 1, 2010. Students attended lectures and laboratories for acquiring basic knowledge of electronics. Then, they had formed a group of two students and involved in the project design for 5 weeks. Finally, all of them completed their projects and a competition was taken place. Overall, the course is very satisfactory. The project-based course has been held again in Term 1, 2011. The arrangement of the course is similar to that in the last year, but the project is changed. The major deliverables of this project is to set up an engineering course in the 4-year curriculum for Faculty of Engineering.


The evaluation plan is to receive feedbacks from the participants of the pilot run in early 2010 and the course evaluation of the project-based course offered in Term 1, 2010 and 2011.

Dissemination, diffusion and impact

A presentation about the course outcome was given. The experience of this newly developed project course has been adopted to be one key component in the new 4-year curriculum of the engineering faculty package for the 2012-2013 intake. Moreover, based on this project experience, another engineering course focusing on software has been designed.