Development of an interactive and intelligent platform for learning mathematics

Principal Supervisor

Professor Yam Yeung, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering


2 years & 6 months

Approved Budget

HK 750,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Description of process, outcomes or deliverable
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination, diffusion and impact

Project Objectives

The project is aimed at developing an interactive and intelligent platform for on-line teaching and learning of mathematics. Roughly one-third of the class materials of the advanced engineering mathematics courses ENGG2014 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus D) and ENGG2015 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus E) are to be included on the platform. Multimedia technologies are to be incorporated to enhance the learning experience and effectiveness.

Description of process, outcomes or deliverable

The developing team is comprised of the Principal supervisor, a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, and a number of Research Assistants. The team met regularly once every two months or so to oversee the course of development. The team decided on the specific exercises and problems to be included in the platform and ways to best present them in an interesting and interactive environment. Various websites and books on mathematics teaching were consulted to gain experience and exposure. Computer hardware needed to support the running of the platform by many students at the same time was also established. The final version of our teaching and learning platform has been released for students taking the course ENGG2014 in the first term of 2012. It will also be open for students in the Faculty of Science to try out as well.


To validate our efforts, we have conducted a student survey to evaluate the acceptance and effectiveness of a preliminary version of the platform back in January 2012. Survey will also be gathered from the users upon the release of the final version.

Dissemination, diffusion and impact

The survey reflects that students generally consider the platform to be helpful, particularly in understanding some of subtle steps that were not covered in details during classes.