Development of a web-based teaching platform for biochemistry courses

Principal Supervisor

Professor P.C. Shaw, Biochemistry Programme, School of Life Sciences


2 years

Approved Budget

HK 250,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Description of process, outcomes or deliverable
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination, diffusion and impact

Project Objectives

Our project aims to build a comprehensive, interactive and integrative web platform for Biochemistry students to learn abstract concepts with the use of multimedia files, animations and interactive contents. This platform provides a more flexible and convenient mode of self-learning that supplements to classroom teaching.

Description of process, outcomes or deliverable

There are 6 modules of learning materials in an integrated platform, namely: Protein, DNA, Biochemistry and Life, Instrumentation, Data presentation and self-study skills including journal reading techniques, etc. The platform was established, named ‘LE@RN biochem” and linked to the moodle of related courses. In addition to the website, a ebook was developed. Students can download the ebook in their mobile device, e.g. iphone, android phone and ipad.


The first evaluation was carried out in the e-Learning Expo of CLEAR which was held on 23 October 2010. After the production process of the e-platform was completed, an evaluation on the website was carried out on 21 October 2011 through two focus groups conducted by CLEAR. Both Biochemistry students and teachers’ feedback were collected and used for the fine tuning of the e-Learning platform. A general evaluation survey was conducted by sending questionnaire to undergraduate biochemistry students in May, 2012.

Dissemination, diffusion and impact

The platform is now linked to a number of biochemistry and life sciences courses, including: LSCI2002 Basic Laboratory Techniques in Life Sciences, BCHE2030 Fundamentals of Biochemistry, BCHE3040 Proteins and Enzymes, BCHE3090 Self-study Modules in Biochemistry, BCHE2000 Frontiers in Biochemistry, BCHE3030 Methods in Biochemistry, BCHE3630 Methods in Biochemistry Laboratory, BCHE4010 Molecular Biology, BCHE4610 Molecular Biology Laboratory, ENSC3920 Biochemical Toxicology Laboratory and FNSC3031 Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory. Students taking these courses, which include all the biochemistry major students and some students in other life science programmes, are encouraged to use the materials to supplement their studies.