Diffusion of TDG projects to enhance sustainability and collaboration

Principal Supervisor

Professor Poon Wai Yin, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research


2 years & 8 months

Approved Budget

HK $750,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Key deliverables expected
  • Evaluation of deliverables/outcomes
  • Dissemination of deliverables/outcomes

Project Objectives

A CUHK Website encompassing basic information on all pervious TDG projects at CUHK was launched in October 2012. The present project aims to strengthen the existing platform by incorporating all TDG projects to be implemented in 2012-2015, and to collate and disseminate distinctive TDG projects through developing and enhancing the website with detailed project information to facilitate project diffusion.

Key deliverables expected and timelines for completion

The existing TDG Website will be strengthened in the following two ways: vertical integration of newly launched tailor-made websites that contain rich and in-depth information on individual projects, and horizontal expansion to including 2012-2015 TDG projects. The enhanced website will be the key deliverable of the project. The project, already in progress, will be implemented as follows:

Phase 1: Collect and collate basic information for TDG projects to be implemented in the 2012-2015 triennium, and make them available for public access in the TDG Website. (from January 2013 to April 2013)

Phase 2: Analyze project information and results to select around 10 projects for the construction of tailor-made individual project websites. (from March 2013 to May 2013)

Phase 3: Collect data and information of distinctive projects from different units. (to commence in May 2013)

Phase 4: Create tailor-made websites for selected TDG projects. (to commence in May 2013)

Phase 5: Consolidate available materials and refinement of the TDG website for user-friendly access (from December 2014 to August 2015)

Arrangements for evaluation of project deliverables/outcomes

Feedback from stakeholders at CUHK will be collected for follow-up actions and improvements. Moreover, hit rates of all individual websites developed will be tracked to obtain periodic data of accesses.

Means for disseminating project deliverables/outcomes

  • The URL of the platform will be linked with the official website of Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR) and the T&L page of the CUHK Website.
  • The website and the materials therein will be shared in workshops to be organized by CLEAR.