An inter-faculty e-learning platform

Principal Supervisor

Professor Chan Lai Wan, Faculty of Engineering
Professor Dennis K.K. Fan, Faculty of Business Administration
Professor Sunny K.S. Kwong, Faculty of Social Science
Professor Lai Pan Chiu, Faculty of Arts
Professor Poon Wai Yin, Faculty of Science


2 years & 8 months

Approved Budget

HK $1,500,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Key deliverables expected
  • Evaluation of deliverables/outcomes
  • Dissemination of deliverables/outcomes

Project Objectives

The project aims to upscale the University’s existing e-learning platform to meet the following objectives:

  • to optimise the use of experiential learning resources by consolidating ideas and knowledge related to personal / career development across different disciplines;
  • to enrich the undergraduate students’ e-learning portfolios; and
  • to develop an e-learning platform that could be made available across the University and achieve system level improvement in the long run.

Key deliverables expected and timelines for completion

The key deliverable for this project is an inter-faculty e-learning platform. The project timeline, together with corresponding deliverables, are outlined below:
Deliverables Timeline
Formation of advisory group and task force Jan – Apr 2013
Need validation through focus group or online survey May – Aug 2013, 14, 15
User account plan and new user IDs creation May – Aug 2013, 14, 15

Continued expansion of contents that include:
  • a mobile version e-learning platform
  • a new module of working in China
  • new stories of internship cases & career outlook

  • Sep 2013 – Aug 2015
    System enhancement Sep 2013 – Aug 2015
    Dissemination of project outcomes Sep 2013 – Aug 2015
    User’s performance tracking Jan 2013 – Aug 2015
    In-house backend CMS installation & front end platform migration Jan 2014 – Aug 2015

    Arrangements for evaluation of project deliverables/outcomes

    User’s performance will be continuously and closely monitored to gain insights into user acceptance of the Soft Skills Mentor. Focus group or online survey will be used to assess the effectiveness of the platform in terms of intended learning outcomes. Findings from intermediate stages will also help the supervisors refine the approach and structure of the upgrade.

    Means for disseminating project deliverables/outcomes

    Project outcomes will be disseminated via the department-driven or faculty-driven Teaching and Learning activities in the participating faculties, Independent Learning Centre, Teaching and Learning conference at university level, and will be shared to a wider community and other institutions by conference such as the University’s Teaching & Learning Innovation Expo.