Flipped Classrooms for Legal Education in Hong Kong

Principal Supervisor

Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, Faculty of Law


1 year

Approved Budget

HK $200,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Key deliverables expected
  • Evaluation of deliverables/outcomes
  • Dissemination of deliverables/outcomes

Project Objectives

The project attempts to explore the following questions:

  • How are ‘flipped classrooms’ used in legal education globally?
  • In what way can the use of ‘flipped classrooms’ benefit legal education in Hong Kong?
  • What are the preconditions for the concept of ‘flipped classrooms’ to be applied successfully in legal education in Hong Kong?

Key deliverables expected and timelines for completion

The project will generate up-to-date information regarding the use of online teaching tools in legal education in Hong Kong with a particular focus on ‘flipped classrooms’. The project outcomes are meant to benefit not only providers of legal education in Hong Kong, but all law schools globally. Key deliverables during the different project stages will be as follows:

Phase One (March to October 2014): comprehensive literature review, identification of general and Hong Kong specific success factors for the use of ‘flipped classrooms’.

Phase Two (September to November 2014): testing/application of the Phase One-findings by developing a framework for the use of ‘flipped classroom’ for the course ‘Law of International Business Transactions II’.

Phase Three (December 2014 to February 2015): write-up of findings, sending manuscript to publisher(s), presentation of findings at faculty-level seminar and public conference.

Arrangements for evaluation of project deliverables/outcomes

Project deliverables and outcomes will be assessed by the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning.

Means for disseminating project deliverables/outcomes

  • at least one faculty-level seminar
  • one public seminar/conference in Hong Kong
  • at least one academic article in an international law journal.