Collaborative-Approach To improve teaching And Learning Yielding Sustainable and Translational outcomes (CATALYST)

Principal Supervisor

Professor Vivian W.Y. Lee, School of Pharmacy


Prof. Bryan Yan, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
Prof. Janita Chau, The Nethersole School of Nursing
Prof. Wallace Chan, Department of Social Work
Prof. Albert Leung, School of Chinese Medicine
Mr. Michael Chung, School of Chinese Medicine
Dr. Ann Lau, School of Biomedical Sciences


1 year

Approved Budget

HK $200,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Key deliverables expected
  • Evaluation of deliverables/outcomes
  • Dissemination of deliverables/outcomes

Project Objectives

  • Students from different disciplines (medical, pharmacy, nursing, Chinese Medicine, biomedical sciences, and social work) will study together with the same objective to improve the geriatric care in Hong Kong.
  • Enhance teachers for collaborative teaching in health science education;
  • Enable teachers to use electronic platforms for collaborative teaching;
  • Promote the use of flipped classroom, and inter-professional learning;
  • Enhance translational teaching.

Key deliverables expected and timelines for completion

  • Collaborative teaching in different teaching environments, including classroom and community settings, will be developed;
  • The standard operation procedures for collaborative teaching in tertiary educational institutions will be established;
  • The acceptance of university teachers and students using collaborative teaching for teaching and learning will be evaluated;
  • The project is expected to be sustained by positive and enhanced teaching and learning outcomes;
  • The project will be sustained by successful collaborations and effective teaching and learning platforms;
  • Core lecture elements will be shared on e-learning platform (Blackboard system) using micro modules, flipped classroom, and video case scenarios will be used to facilitate the delivery of lecture materials.
Milestones Timeline
Initiate and set up small groups to establish teaching curricula and materials at The Chinese University of Hong Kong to engage in collaborative teaching and learning platforms involving both teachers and students January to March 2015
Implement Collaborative Teaching platforms at The Chinese University of Hong Kong March to May 2015
Launch of the online e-learning platform. Summer Outreach in community elderly centers and rural areas. Information collection for the usage and evaluation of the impact of the CATALYST project May to October 2015
Conduct students and teachers satisfaction survey October and November 2015
Final report and SOP preparation December 2015

Arrangements for evaluation of project deliverables/outcomes

Student satisfactory survey will be conducted in Month 10 and 11 to evaluate the overall performance and outcomes of the project.

Means for disseminating project deliverables/outcomes

The CATALYST project will promote inter-professional collaborations to enhance efficient and cost-effective teaching and learning platforms to improve cohesive teaching and learning outcomes addressing the needs of the public. The CATALYST project strives to impact on the quality and delivery of teaching and aims to improve professional education in tertiary education institutions. We aim to present the project at both local and international conferences and publish the findings of the project in peer-reviewed journals.