Mobile game-based learning of 180 essential biology terminologies in university education to enhance student performance

Principal Supervisor

Dr. Chow Cheung Ming, School of Life Sciences


2 years & 10 months

Approved Budget

HK $100,000

  • Project Objectives
  • Key deliverables expected
  • Evaluation of deliverables/outcomes
  • Dissemination of deliverables/outcomes

Project Objectives

This project aims to develop a trendy mobile application (app) of picture-wise games through which students can associate the illustrations/photos under a choice of biological topics to the terminologies they learnt in classes and share their achievements and “challenge” friends with the same game scenario through social network. It is expected that this app will help students apply and memorise the definitions of 180 or more biology essential terminologies with ease and enjoyment by transforming the nerve-racking tasks into fun and foster the formation of an app-based community of practice for studying biology.

Key deliverables expected and timelines for completion

The key deliverables expected are: (i) the mobile app; and (ii) the report of pedagogical analysis on mobile game-based learning.

The development and testing of the app will be completed by Dec 2013, followed by the launching stage and promotion. The report will be completed by Oct 2015.

Arrangements for evaluation of project deliverables/outcomes

To assess the effectiveness of the app on improving student learning, (i) student performance in the game will be analysed; and (ii) a summative student survey will be conducted to evaluate quantitatively the usefulness and influence of the app from the users’ point-of-view. For the teaching effectiveness, a qualitative survey will be carried out in which teachers of the courses involved will be required to comment on the impact of the app on their teaching and report any action plans formulated based on the student performance report from the app data.

Means for disseminating project deliverables/outcomes

The major means include presenting the design and findings of the project in the teacher workshops and conferences at the faculty and university levels, whenever appropriate, and uploading the summary of the project to the internet for open access.