Promoting Active Learning Strategies in Classroom Teaching for Undergraduate Nursing Students and Teachers
Principal Supervisors

Professor Carmen W.H. Chan
(The Nethersole School of Nursing)


2 years and 1 month

Approved Budget

HK $200,000

  • Abstract
  • Brief write-up
  • Video Report


  • Active learning strategies in this project include flipped learning (the emphasis on pre-reading) and enhanced lectures (the breaking-down of a long lecture into several mini-lectures and the supplementation by interactive learning activities).

  • The proposed project aims at providing support to nursing teachers to implement active learning. It is also expected to enhance students’ outcomes in terms of metacognition awareness, generic capabilities, and perception of teaching and learning environment.

  • The effectiveness of the project will be evaluated in a controlled study and by a Student Engagement Questionnaire, Metacognitive Awareness Inventory, and Approaches to Teaching Inventory.

Brief write-up

Project objectives
  • To raise teachers’ awareness of the importance and barriers of active learning
  • To provide training and support to teachers to implement and adhere to active learning
  • To develop and produce teaching materials for active learning
  • To implement active learning strategies in classroom teaching
  • To enhance students’ outcomes of active learning in terms of metacognition awareness, generic capabilities, and perception of teaching and learning environment
  • To enhance the teachers’ adherence to active learning strategies
  • To disseminate evaluation result and advocate for good practice in university education

Activities, process and outcomes

All theoretical courses for the 2017-2018 Year 4 Bachelor of Nursing Programme adopted active learning strategy including flipped classroom and enhanced lecture in selected topics. Student had significant improvement in knowledge of cognition, regulation of cognition, and generic capabilities including communication skills, interpersonal skills and groupwork and computer literacy after class. Teachers had increased adherence in the use of student-centred teaching approach.

Deliverables and evaluation

The teaching materials will be reused for the same courses in the future. The teaching staff participated in this project become role models of good teaching strategies to enhance active learning.

Dissemination, diffusion, impact and sharing of good practices

The process and outcome of the promotion of active learning was disseminated in international conferences.

Video Report

Please click the following link for viewing the report.