Professor Sir James A. Mirrlees (1996 winner)

Ageing and Pensions in the Chinese Economies
(9 November 2004)

Changing Economic Inequality in the Chinese Economies
(3 June 2005)

Professor A. Michael Spence (2001 winner)

Economic Growth, the Internet and the Evolving Structure of Global Markets: Opportunities and Challenges
(9 November 2004)

Professor Amartya K. Sen (1998 winner)

Global Causes of Violence
(18 February 2005)

Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz (2001 winner)

China's New Role in the World Economy
(16 March 2005)

Professor Edward C. Prescott (2004 winner)

The Chinese Economy: Past and Future
(3 June 2005)

Professor Robert A. Mundell (1999 winner)

The Renminbi and the Global Economy
(3 June 2005)

Chinese Macroeconomic Strategies and the International Monetary System
(22 May 2006)

Dollars, the RMB and a World Currency
(19 September 2007)

Financial Crisis and Its Implications for the Future of the International Monetary System
(24 September 2009)

Professor Myron S. Scholes (1997 winner)

Financial Innovation: Enhancing Prosperity
(15 February 2006)

Professor Robert J. Aumann (2005 winner)

War and Peace
(22 May 2006)

Professor Edmund S. Phelps (2006 winner)

Stumbling Blocks on the Way to a Modern Economy
(30 November 2006)

  The Modern Economy, the Entrepreneur and the Financier
(19 September 2007)

Professor Douglass C. North (1993 winner)

The Natural State
(1 March 2007)

  The Dynamics of Societal Change: A New Approach
(11 December 2008)

Professor Thomas C. Schelling (2005 winner)

Managing Nuclear Proliferation
(19 September 2007)

Professor Eric S. Maskin (2007 winner)

Mechanism Design: How to Implement Social Goals
(15 April 2008)

Professor Kenneth J. Arrow (1972 winner)

Economic Analysis and Social Obligation
(3 November 2008)

Professor William F. Sharpe (1990 winner)

Financing Retirement: Collective and Individual Approaches
(29 November 2008)


Professor Kurt Wüthrich (2002 winner)

Structural Biology and Structural Genomics íV an Interdisciplinary Field for Physicists, Chemists and Biologists
(22 May 2006)

Molecular Structures in Post-genomic Research
(20 November 2007)

Professor F. Sherwood Rowland (1995 winner)

Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
(17 October 2006)

Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming and Climate Change
(19 October 2006)

Professor Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (2009 winner)

How do Antibiotics Block the Protein Factory of Pathogenic Bacteria?
(6 January 2011)

Dr Gao Xingjian (2000 winner)

The Finite and the Infinite: the Aesthetics of Creation
(23 May 2008)

Professor Anthony J. Leggett (2003 winner)

Superfluid 3-He - The Early Days as seen by a Theorist
(15 April 2004)

Professor Steven Chu (1997 winner)

What can physics say about life?
(30 June 2004)

The Energy/Climate Problem and What We Can Do About It
(9 December 2008)

Professor Douglas D. Osheroff (1996 winner)

Understanding the Columbia Shuttle Accident
(8 October 2004)

Professor David J. Gross (2004 winner)

The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Physics
(18 February 2005)

Professor Charles Hard Townes (1964 winner)

The Laser
(18 August 2005)

Stellar Interferometry at Infrared Wavelengths, and Changes Observed in Old Stars
(19 August 2005)

Professor Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (1997 winner)

Gaseous Bose Einstein Condensates: a New Form of Matter
(28 February 2006)

Professor Samuel C.C. Ting (1976 winner)

Encounters with Modern Physics
(23 May 2006)

Professor Roy J. Glauber (2005 winner)

100 Years of Light Quanta
(23 June 2006)

Professor Chen Ning Yang (1957 winner)

The Great Excitement in 1957 about Parity Nonconservation
(25 October 2007)

Professor Martin L. Perl (1995 winner)

Developing Creativity and Innovation in Engineering and Science
(25 October 2007)

Professor William D. Phillips (1997 winner)

A Bose Condensate in an Optical Lattice: Cold Atomic Gases as Solid State Systems
(26 March 2008)

Professor Carl E. Wieman (2001 winner)

Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the Tools of Science to Teach Science
(21 May 2008)

Dr. Richard J. Roberts (1993 winner)

Friends and Foes-the Unseen Bugs Who Share Our Planet
(9 December 2005)

Professor Louis J. Ignarro (1998 winner)

The Unique Role of Nitric Oxide as a Signaling Molecule
(19 September 2006)

The Road to Stockholm íV A Nobel Mission
(7 January 2009)

Professor Craig C. Mello (2006 winner)

Return to the RNAi World: Rethinking Gene Expression, Evolution and Medicine
(4 December 2007)

Professor Erwin Neher (1991 winner)

Current Frontiers in the Neurosciences
(15 April 2008)

Professor Sir Martin J. Evans (2007 winner)

The Origins of ES Cells
(10 October 2008)