Meet the new Soft Skills Mentor!

Soft Skills Mentor has arrived at KEEPCourse. KEEP allows you to quick search, subscribe and access education resources from its Cloud Ecosystem.

With the new Soft Skills Mentor, you can now:

  • experience updated Soft Skills Mentor courses

  • view remastered course videos

  • keep track of your progress more easily

  • access your courses on your phone or tablet

What makes Soft Skills Mentor valuable?

Soft Skills Mentor prepares you for the exciting yet challenging world beyond campus. The goal of Soft Skills Mentor is to equip you with skillsets not taught in typical classroom. To help you find the right career, a range of topics are covered, including career planning, resume writing and interviewing skills.

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To access the new Soft Skills Mentor, follow these steps:
Step 1    Sign up for a KEEP account and activate your account from the link sent to your email inbox.
Step 2    Associate your KEEP ID with your CUHK identity.
Step 3    Access Soft Skills Mentor courses ( after you have completed step 2.
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