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To Academic Staff, Teachers, Teaching Support Staff, Staff/Student TAs
From ITSC eLearning Support
Date 02 / 02 / 2020
Subject Get Ready to use Zoom to teach, learn and collaborate online, and more - February 2020 eLearning Newsletter
Enquiry / Judy Lo (ITSC) x31711

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Happy Chinese New Year!

  • The newsletter is sent to all academic staff (all ranks; full-time and part-time) according to information provided by the Human Resources Office by email regularly.
  • With the feedback received, this newsletter is sent additionally to all users in 2019-20 Blackboard courses with course instructor role and TA / Support Staff role.
  • Please help to share the information with staff/student TAs and colleagues with teaching support duties of your unit.


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Zoom for CUHK
For most users:
  1. to join a ZOOM meeting: Click the ZOOM meeting link, or
    Visit ( for users in ML China), click "JOIN", and use the meeting ID and Password to join the meeting
  2. to schedule a meeting: Install ZOOM. Choose “SSO” – “cuhk” to sign in ZOOM via “CUHK Login” and start using the service.
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More eLearning Tips (& Tools):
Should you have any queries, please contact the support team by email at
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Reschedule Announcements
  • New arrangements will be announced accordingly
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