Pilot Third Party VPN Service


  1. Internet connection speeds on Mainland China vary according to locations and network service providers. Since there are limited entry/exit points for international internet access, there is also a bottleneck for users within China connecting to non-China hosted sites and systems.

  2. As most of the teaching and learning activities are being conduted online, the University has subscribed a third party VPN service for teachers, including teaching assistants, who are currently staying in Mainland China to facilitate their teaching and offering of online courses. The initial subscription is a pilot plan, and if the VPN service works well, the University may consider scaling up the service to cover more users, including students. The pilot service is restricted to teachers/teaching assistants who are teaching and may extend to students who have enrolled in courses in Term 2, 2019-20 (also refers to a term that falls within the same period of time for undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes which have different term structures).

  3. This VPN service is provided to facilitate the conduct of activities related to formal teaching and learning only. The usage of each account will be closely monitored and the University reserves the right to initiate any disciplinary actions if cases of misuse are found.

  4. Programmes are requested to inform ITSC via email (elearning@cuhk.edu.hk) when the teachers/students concerned no longer require the service. All users of the VPN service are also requested to inform ITSC via the same email once they leave Mainland China.

  5. All VPN applications should be endorsed by students' Programmes before submission.

  6. The procedures are as follows:
    1. contact AQS: aqs@cuhk.edu.hk for the application form and the Excel table form
    2. ask the students to fill in the application form in Word format
    3. collect student application forms, compile all the information and input the information in the Excel table form [Note: please also be reminded to fill in the details of contact person in the Excel table form];
    4. send the Excel table form to AQS: aqs@cuhk.edu.hk; and
    5. upon receipt of the Excel table form, the students' applications will be forwarded to ITSC for follow-up.

The Service

  1. The third-party VPN service offered under this pilot is a China VPN service provided by a third-party vendor.
  2. Please connect to this VPN service if you have difficulties accessing the following non-China hosted sites and systems.
    (i) CUHK Blackboard System https://blackboard.cuhk.edu.hk
    (ii) CUHK Panopto System https://panopto.cuhk.edu.hk
    (iii) CUHK Library Search http://librarysearch.lib.cuhk.edu.hk
    (iv) CUHK E-Resources via Easy Access https://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/en/use/off-campus

  3. Please DO NOT use this VPN service for the following:
    (i) Visit websites, systems or tools other than the above listed
    (ii) Download and install updates for your computer OS and applications

  4. Online classes are being conducted using ZOOM. Mainland ZOOM users should use https://cuhk.zoom.com.cn rather than the VPN to enable more smooth network performance.

  5. This VPN service is for users to access eLearning systems and tools (which access is restricted by user authentication). If users have to connect to systems and tools restricted for CUHK access (by network restriction), they should use ITSC VPN service (More details on ITSC Newsletter, ITSC website).

  6. For each user account, the service allows only ONE connection at a time.

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