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Project ID Project Title Project Leader Department Amount Granted (HK$) MMCD Output Tools / Services Pedagogical Uses Keywords
1 Micro-Module Video Scenarios in Sensitive Communication Situations with Student Response Questions
(Interim Report - PDF / Video)
(Final Report - PDF / Video)

Dr. Justin Wade Tenney

Dr. Isabel Hwang

School of Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Unit, School of Biomedical Sciences 52,550 The current micromodules will only be available to CUHK students for the moment. Articulate software,
University audio recording room/software
Communication, Interdisciplinary, Case-based, Scenario Responsive, Elearning
2 Meeting safety needs through virtual reality apps
(Interim Report - PDF / Video)
(Final Report - PDF / Video)
Prof. Cho Lee Wong The Nethersole School of Nursing 65,560 Tools: Storyline, Photoshop, Illustrator, After effect, Sound Forge, Animation, Muse, and Unreal game engine
Services: From ITSC
Flipped classroom Micro-modules, virtual reality, flipped classroom, nursing, e-learning
3 Integration and enhancement of the existing micro-modules platforms for UGFN1000 classroom flipping
(Interim Report - PDF / Video)
(Final Report - PDF / Video)

Dr. Kiang Kai Ming

Dr. Wu Jun Vivian

Office of University General Education 100,000

Project Website;

KEEP, Elite Flipped classroom In Dialogue with Nature, Science Classics, Micro-modules, Classroom Flipping, KEEP
4 Flipping the Classrooms of the Two Foundation Courses in GEF Programme using Whiteboard Animations
(Interim Report - PDF / Video)
(Final Report - PDF / Video)
Dr. Li Ming Kenneth Office of University General Education 84,750


Adobe Creative Cloud; Sparkol VideoScribe;; CyberLink PowerDirector13 Flipped classroom Whiteboard Animation, Flipped Classroom, In Dialogue with Nature, In Dialogue with Humanity, General Education Foundation Programme