The epithelium is a continuous layer of cells that covers external body surface and forms lining of body cavities and exocrine glands. Disturbance of epithelial cell functions give rise to a wide spectrum of common disorders such as diarrhoea and lethal diseases including cancers.
The Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre, established as a joint effort of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is the first integrated research institution ever founded in China which is devoted to epithelial cell biology research.
The Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has played a key role in promoting and supporting the establishment of the Centre. The Centre will play an active and leading role in the field, generating collaborating projects and training programmes which are expected to gain support from the NSFC, WHO, Rockefeller Foundation.

To promote interdisciplinary basic research in epithelial cell biology and related fields of life sciences in China;
To strengthen links between mainland and Hong Kong, and to build a base for international collaborative research, academic exchange and technical training;
To advance our understanding of mechanisms underlying epithelia-related diseases thereby providing grounds for the development of better treatments and new drugs including Chinese medicine.

Functional genomics: investigation and functional elucidation of reproductive tract-specific new genes
Exocrine physiology: Epithelial transport and transmembrane signaling: receptors, ion channels and their expression & regulation in normal and diseased cells;
Immunology & defence mechanisms: epithelial-mediated immune regulation;
Reproductive biology: role of reproductive tract epithelia in spermatogenesis & sperm maturation, fertilisation & implantation;
Cancer biology: differentiation and apoptosis of epithelial cells, signal transduction in carcinogenesis;
Stem cell research and regenerative medicine: stem cells & regeneration medicine;
New drug development: cancer drugs, diagnostic kits, fertility regulation drugs, immuo-supplements and Chinese medicine.

Officiating guests (from the left): Arthuo Li, Vice-Chancellor of the CUHK, Major General Zhao Dasheng of the AMMS, Prof. Zhang Xin Shi, Vice president of NSFC and Mr. Chu Zhi Nong, Director, Department of Education/Science & Technology, China News Agency
Press conference with Prof. Y.L. Zhang of the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, presenting a collaborative project of the Centre.
Officiating guests, representatives of CUHK, delegates from AMMS and congratulating guests from other institutions.
Interview of Prof. Hsiao Chang Chan (Director of Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre) by the press.
Interview of Centre members by the press.



Meeting Photo


The Centre has a multidisciplinary collaboration network at different levels including: