Yun-Wing Sung

2016 CV

Academic Position

Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Adjunct Professor (2014 – present), Professor (1988 – 2014), Associate/Assistant Professor (1977 – 1988).


Fields of Expertise

Current Research Interests


Professional activities


Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute, CUHK and Fudan University, Director, 2008 – present.


Hong Kong Institute of Asian-Pacific Studies, CUHK, Associate Director, 2002 to 2015,  Director, Economic Research Centre, 1991 to 2016, and Associate Director, Economic Research Centre, 2016 - present.


East Asian Economic Association, Director, 2009 – present.


Member, Editorial Board, Asian-Pacific Journal of Business, 2011- present.


Member, Academic Committee, China Economic Journal, 2007 – present.


Member, Editorial Board, China Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Greater China, 2000 – present.


Asian Economic Journal, Editor, 2001 – 2008, and Managing Editor, 1997 - 2000.


Editorial Board member, Review of Development Economics, 1996-97.


Book Review Editor, Pacific Economic Review, 1998 – 2003.


Associate editor, Pacific Economic Review, 1995 - 1997.


Member of Steering Committee of China Review, 1991- 99.


Corresponding editor (China/Hong Kong), Asian‑Pacific Economic Literature, 1987 ‑ present.


Editor, Hong Kong Economic Papers, 1985 ‑ 1988.




Distinguished Chinese Alumni Award of University of Minnesota, 2015.


Sun YeFang Award of Economic Science (2009-10).


Award of the Pekang Chang Research Foundation of Development Economics (2009).


Public and Community Service


Path of Democracy, Director 2016 – present, Governor 2015 – present.


全国港澳研究会港澳特邀会员, 2013 – present.


中山大學之自貿區綜合研究院專家咨詢委員會委員, 2015 – present.


Member of Assessment Panel of the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Central Policy Unit, HKSAR government (April 2013 – present). 


Member, Board of the Hong Kong and Macau Research Centre of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (2006 - present).


Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Chairman (2007 – 2012), and member of Trade Policy Forum (1996 – 2002).


Member of China Trade Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (April 2009-March 2013)


Part-time member of Central Policy Unit, HKSAR government, 2001 – 2005.


Member of the Panel of the Central Policy Unit on the Pearl River Delta, 2003 – 2007.


Member of the Council of Advisers of the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, 1999 – 2002.


Member of the Humanities, Social sciences and Business Studies Panel of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 1999 – 2003.


Member of Statistics Advisory Board, HK Government, 1992 - 1998.


Selected publications


The Economic Benefits of Mainland Tourists for Hong Kong: The Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) and Multiple Entry Individual Visit Endorsements (M-Permit)”, Occasional Paper 34, Shanghai-HK Development Institute, Fudan University and Chinese University of Hong Kong, September 2015 (co-authored with Alex C.Y. Ng, Yuhao Wu, and Alex W.H. Yiu).

Economic Benefits of the Independent Visitor Scheme for Hong Kong: How Large are They?Occasional Paper 32, Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute, Fudan University and Chinese University of Hong Kong, 46 pages, April 2014.


「中国对外经济战略蜕变:香港面对的挑战与机遇」,《当代港澳研究》,中山大学港澳珠江三角洲研究中心,2014 第一輯,6月, 63-80


“Family-based models for childhood-obesity intervention: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials”. Obesity Review, Vol.14:4, pp 265-278, 2013 April (with Pauline SUNG-CHAN, X. ZHAO, and RC BROWNSON).


“Comparison between CEPA and EFCA”, in Peter C.Y. Chow ed., Economic Integration across the Taiwan Strait, pp. 30-55, Edward Elgar, 2013 January.


“Domestic Value Added and Employment Generated by Chinese Exports: A Quantitative Estimation”. China Economic Review, 23:4, 2012 December (with Xikang Chen, Lawrence Lau, Leonard Cheng, K.C. Fung, K Zhu, C Yang, J Pei, and Y Duan).


“Hong Kong and Shanghai: rivalry or complementarity among Asia’s international service hubs?” in Gipouloux Francois ed., Gateways to Globalisation: Asia’s International Trading and Finance Centres, Edward Elgar, 2011, pp. 101 – 116.


“Input-occupancy-output models of the non-competitive type and their application – an examination of the China-US trade surplus”. Social Sciences in China, 31 (1), 2010, 35-54 (with Lawrence Lau, Xikang Chen, Cuihong Yang, Leonard Cheng, K.C. Fung, Kungfu Zhu, Jiansuo Pei, and Zhipeng Tang).

Chinese version of the article published in 9/2007; won the Sun YeFang Award of Economic Science (2009-10) and also won the Award of the Pekang Chang Research Foundation of Development Economics (2009).


“Made in China: From World Sweatshop to a Global Manufacturing Center?”, Asian Economic Papers, Vol. VI, no. 3, Fall 2007, pp. 43-72.


The Emergence of Greater China: The Economic Integration of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke and New York, 2005, 236 pages.


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An Empirical Study of Indirect Trade between Taiwan and Mainland China, Mainland Committee of Taiwan Government, Taipei, September 1995, 276 pages (in Chinese, co-authored with Kao Chang).


"An Appraisal of China's Foreign Trade Policy, 1950-1992" in T.N. Srinivsan (with contributions from Justin Yifu Lin and Yun-Wing Sung), Agriculture and Trade in China and India: Policies and Performance since 1950, International Center for Economic Growth, Institute for Contemporary Studies Press, San Francisco, 1994, pp. 109-153.


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