The Corona Chronicle
A look back at CUHK’s wrestle with the pandemic and ahead

September 2020

Chapter One: The Storm

On the New Year’s Eve heading into 2020, as people were celebrating with joyful expectations the advent of a new decade, few were aware that on the far horizon, a storm was brewing: a new coronavirus, believed to have originated in bats and belonging to the same family of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus causing 299 deaths in Hong Kong back in 2003, would soon sweep through the world, locking down its proudest cities and robbing people of lives and livelihoods.

Having learned the SARS lesson the hard way, Hongkongers put up a strong defence right from the first threats of the new virus in January. CUHK had been bracing itself for the stormy weathers ahead with the same foresight. From e-learning and social distancing to working from home, the University did not shrink from experimenting with new and unprecedented ways of doing things and changing its game as the situation called for. As a seat of learning, moreover, it beaconed the way ahead with timely and cutting-edge research, and provided the public with practical aid and understandings that shed light on the murky waters we found ourselves in.



Chapter Two: The Calm

We might have stumbled through, but we became stronger in the gales of the pandemic. Despite a little confusion at the beginning, those of us in the wider community and at CUHK quickly got ourselves back on our feet and geared up for what was evolving into a long battle. In isolation we held out against the virus, and in the safety of our homes we looked to carry on with our endeavours. It was in this spirit that the University went on with its mission to share knowledge with the public as well as its members, now comprising an online community, while contributing to humanity's continued response to the disease.


Chapter Three: Dawn or False Dawn?

The pandemic has taught us how little we know of this disease and that one can never be overcautious. There may be more false dawns ahead in the fight against COVID-19, but that does not daunt or impede the University's resolve to pursue its educational objectives to the highest standards as always. CUHK members have, collectively and individually, weathered the storm, gone beyond their call of duty during the intervening calm, and look forward to seeing a new dawn break. Read more.



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