A Glimpse of Post-Quake Nepal

June 2015

Huge Gaps to be Filled

Prof. Emily Chan of the Collaborating Centre for Oxford and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC) and her team visited Nepal during 14–18 June to assess the quake's aftermath. While the disaster might have receded from the global spotlight, the Nepalese still face mounting challenges to rebuild their lives

Huge Gaps to be Filled

Sankhu on the outskirt of Kathmandu is one of the ancient towns in Nepal destroyed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The locals in this suburban community are busy clearing collapsed roofs and rubbles in the streets

Beaten but Resilient

The Bajracharya family in Sankhu escapes from the quake but their house was completely destroyed. 35-year-old Sanu (the man standing) was once a salesman in Kathmandu. He shares his story with the CCOUC team in his makeshift shelter made by tarpaulins and tin sheets, "Water pours in when it rains. But I don't know when we can leave this shelter. We have no money to rebuild the house. I can only stay strong."

More Damaged Homes

The CCOUC team then travels to rural Gorkha which is close to the epicenter of the earthquake. The quake not only damaged roads and houses, but has made the vulnerable groups in disasters – women, children and the elderly – more vulnerable

First-hand Story

48-year-old Topalo is the village teacher and head of Pipalthok Village in Gorkha. Standing in front of his own collapsed house, Topalo tells Prof. Emily Chan that he is committed to bringing better education to the children in Nepal and having them equipped with better knowledge of disaster preparedness

Getting to Work

The CCOUC team conducts focus group study with villagers of Gorkha. After surviving the quake, they are now worried that their temporary shelters cannot stand for long. Water and sanitation are also an urgent issue

A Glimpse of Hope!

There is hope in the poignant lives of quake survivors amidst adversity. The CCOUC team will be back to Nepal in the near future for the building of community resilience towards disasters

(Photos by Gloria KW Chan/CCOUC)