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Mandatory Provident Fund 媩


The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Scheme was established in December 2000 in Hong Kong in accordance with the MPF Schemes Ordinance and its supplementary regulations, and monitored by the MPF Schemes Authority (‘the MPFSA’), except for terms governing voluntary contributions.

Under the University MPF System, there are two MPF master trust schemes, namely, Fidelity Retirement Master Trust (‘FRMT’) and Manulife RetireChoice (MPF) Scheme (formerly named Allianz Global Investors MPF Plan).  University employees are advised to study the MPF Scheme Enrolment Offering Documents and Investment Performance of the two schemes, and the Comparison of Master Trust MPF Schemes and Fees before making decision. University employees are allowed to switch between FRMT & MRC during the employment at the University once a year but will have all their MPF benefits in one MPF plan only at any one time.

The University retains the right to revise the rules and provisions as set out in the sections below or transfer all of its members from one scheme to another (incumbent scheme or newly subscribed scheme), provided proper notice is given to affected employees, should such a decision be deemed appropriate.


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