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Enrolment and Transfer-In ¤¤¤åª©¥»



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Enrolment Procedure

Except for exempted persons, an employee should select an MPF scheme, complete enrolment form and specify investment options for his/her accrued benefits. Employees are advised to study the MPF Scheme Enrolment Offering Documents and Investment Performance of the two schemes, and the Comparison of Master Trust MPF Schemes and Fees before making decision.

In the event that an employee does not exercise the selection of an MPF scheme under the University MPF System within 30 days after commencement of appointment / expiry of MPF exemption, he/she will be deemed to join the MPF Scheme at the University¡¦s choice. In this instance, the University will submit the employee¡¦s personal information as required in the Membership Enrolment Form to the MPF service provider concerned. However, in order to complete the MPF account opening process, the MPF service provider will contact the employee to require the completion and return of a Membership Enrolment Form / Self-Certification Form to make sure law-mandated information is collected before the MPF contributions received from the University in respect of the employee can be credited to his/her account.

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Employees who wish to transfer their accrued MPF benefits from previous employers to their chosen MPF scheme in the University should, after receiving the Notice of Participation from the scheme trustee, complete the Scheme Member's Request for Fund Transfer Form MPF(S)-P(M) and send it to the respective scheme trustees for processing.

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