Council Committees

Council Committees

Campus Planning and Building Committee

The Campus Planning and Building Committee undertakes to deal with problems connected with the overall planning of the University site, and to consider the Building Programme in relation to the development of the University. The Committee also examines the proposed Schedules of Accommodation and Sketch Drawings for Building Projects of the University, and to advise on other building matters referred by the Vice-Chancellor or the Council.


Ms. Lina H.Y. Yan


Prof. Chan Sun-on, Hector
Mr. Stewart K.C. Cheng
Prof. Fong Wing-ping
Ms. Salome Y.P. Lam
Mr. Charles Y.W. Leung
Prof. Freedom Y.K. Leung
Mr. Eric S.P. Ng
Prof. Edward Y.Y. Ng
Mr. Dominic Y.T. Pang
Mr. Robert K.K. Shum
Mr. Edward C.W. Tse
Prof. Stephen H.S. Wong

Member & Secretary

Mr. Li Sing-cheung
as of 26 April 2023