Code of Practice for Council Members

1 Code of Practice for Council Members 3 Foreword Universities are complex organizations with multiple roles and functions. Not only are they institutions of higher learning where knowledge is created, disseminated and exchanged; but also communities both consuming and supplying services from and to industries, corporations and the professions. Universities also undertake research and scholarship that generate very significant revenue and other opportunities for Hong Kong and the regions. These are privileges that come with responsibilities. One such responsibility is to develop the highest standards of governance in the universities, as recommended in the Governance in UGC-funded Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong report (the “Governance Report”) released by the University Grants Committee (“UGC”) in March 2016. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“the University”) welcomes the initiative taken by the UGC and is committed to enhancing the effectiveness and transparency of the University’s Council, and to better prepare Council members to discharge their functions. The University believes that developing a higher governance standard would help guarantee the autonomy of the University by sustaining and nourishing public confidence in us. This Code of Practice (“this Code”) sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Council and key elements in the conduct of Council business. This Code also provides the basic values and principles with which the University has chosen to govern itself. This Code is an evolving document that will be updated from time to time in accordance with the development in the University and the governance of higher education.