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Welcome to our website!
We hope this website will facilitate you in understanding more about Policy Research @ HKIAPS. This website is a gateway to the sphere of social policies initiated by CUHK scholars.
We are delighted to announce the launching of the new policy research platform titled “Policy Research @ HKIAPS” at the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies in January 2018.
Policy Research @ HKIAPS is a university-wide research platform...
Sexual harassment: The challenges of navigating gender norms in the Greater Bay Area On the road to combat the pandemic: Hong Kong citizens’ views on the impact of and responses to COVID-19
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5 Aug 2022
Emerging Public Realm of the Greater Bay Area: Approaches to Public Space in a Chinese Megaregion
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26 August 2022
Physical Activity and Health of Children and Parents:
Big Data Generated from the Greater Bay Area
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28 October 2022
Policy Forum on Developing the Greater Bay Area as a Centre of High-quality Proprietary Chinese Medicine
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31 May 2023
Policy Forum on Global Chaozhou People and the Belt and Road Initiative
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28–29 July 2023
Policy Forum on Building a Sustainable Healthcare System for Hong Kong
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How a CUHK urban planner has helped
revive a Hong Kong hawker market
pure css3 slider We are living longer than before, but are we healthier?
by Jean Woo & Ruby Yu
pure css3 slider Research initiative on COVID-19 and NIDs
pure css3 slider Sex discrimination and sexual harassment in cross-border education and employment
by Fanny M. Cheung &
Sally K. W. Lo
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On the road to combat the pandemic: Hong Kong citizens’ views on the impact of and responses to COVID-19
by Victor W. T. Zheng, Hua Guo, &
Fanny M. Cheung
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The innovative combination of Hong Kong’s brand strength and the mainland’s advanced manufacturing technology in developing the Greater Bay Area as a centre of high-quality proprietary Chinese medicine
by Victor W. T. Zheng, &
Anthony Y. H. Fung
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pure css3 slider “No housing speculation” and the “watering down" of property taxes
pure css3 slider Rent controls might not be effective; the fundamental remedy is to increase housing supply
pure css3 slider Citizens of the New Territories North District hold polarized views on the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy
pure css3 slider Is motherhood a disgrace? Working mothers still face discrimination
pure css3 slider Nurturing STEM talents from K-12
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