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1. Policies and Guidelines

1.1 ITSC Web Hosting Services

1.2 Guidelines and Policies for Departmental Websites
  • 1.2.1 University Guidelines and Policies
  • 1.2.2 ITSC Guidelines and Policies
1.3 Departmental Web Administrators at CUHK Web Server
1.4 Standards and Guidelines for all CUHK Websites


1.1 ITSC Web Hosting Policy

1.1.1 Hosting

    Departments can choose from

    (1) Site building at CUHK Web Server

    (2) Server OS and Database Management- CMS Cloud íV Web Development & Hosting

    (3) Server Co-location services in hosting their websites.

1.1.2 Entitlement at CUHK Web Server

    All faculties, departments and units are entitled to apply for first level directory.

    For projects/events under any faculties/departments/units, they should request the web administrator(s) of the affiliated faculties/departments/units to create sub-directories under their websites.

    For projects/events jointly organized/managed by multiple departments or initiated at university level, they are also entitled to apply for web hosting under designated directory-

  • Projects:
  • Events:
  • Centre:

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1.2 Guidelines and Policies for Departmental Websites

Departments/units should observe the University and ITSC policies and guidelines when using the Web Hosting Service for their respective websites. They shall take full responsibility for the content their published.

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1.3 Departmental Web Administrators at CUHK Web Server

1.3.1 Chief Administrator(s)

Every department/unit can have one or more Chief Administrator(s). A Chief Administrator can:

  • update his/her department's web pages
  • add or delete sub-administrators

However, a Chief Administrator cannot add / delete other Chief Administrators. To do so, please submit (Request here). You will provide:
- Requested department/unit
- Requested URL (e.g.
- Name, Computing ID, telephone number and e-mail address of the Chief Administrator(s) to be added / deleted

1.3.2 Sub Administrator(s)

Every department can have one or more sub-administrator(s). A sub-administrator can:

  • update all or part of his/her departmental web pages, depending on the priviledge granted by the Chief Administrator of that department.

Chief Administrators can grant sub-administrator privilege to student helpers so that they can develop and test new pages on the staging server. Once put into production, the students' privileges can be revoked.

To add a sub administrator, enter his/her Computing ID and the URL you want to grant him/her, using the Departmental Web admin system. If you want to grant his/her access to only a sub-directory, please make sure that the sub-directory already exists, otherwise the sub-administrator(s) won't be able to login.


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1.4 Standards and Guidelines for all CUHK Websites