Gary M.K. TSE(謝文杰)


Prof. Tse is a histopathologist with active interests in breast pathology. His research has focused on the evaluation of various prognostic factors in breast cancers, molecular classification of breast disease, understanding molecular basis in morphological features and their application for clinical decision support in routine clinical management. He has examined a wide range of potential prognostic factors and exploring novel prognostic models based on phenotypic and molecular features in breast cancers. For classification of breast diseases, he is particularly interested in the diagnosis of fibroepithelial lesions and papillary lesions in the breast. He has identified a number of markers that could be applied in the routine diagnosis for these lesions.

He also served as editors and in the editorial board of various renowned journals, such as Histopathology, EBioMedicine, Modern Pathology, Acta Cytologica, Cancer Cytopathology, Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology, and Pathology, and as referees and advisors for various funding agencies and NGOs.

Breast Pathology

Research Interests
Molecular basis of morphological features in breast cancers
Diagnostic and prognostic markers in breast cancers
Pathogenesis and diagnosis of breast lesions (fibroepithelial lesions, papillary lesions)
Cytopathology of breast diseases



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