Name: Yidan ZOU

Post: Full-time Ph.D. (4 years)

Enrolled: August 2018

Origin: Mainland China

First Degree: Bachelor of Science, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

ResearcherID: O-5672-2015

Supervisor: Prof. LIU Xiaodong; Prof. CHEN Huarong

Title of Thesis:

Microglia promote neuropathic pain via remodeling inhibitory circuits in spinal cord dorsal horn

Outline of the Thesis:

Neuropathic pain is one of the common types of chronic pain and a huge burden of disease worldwide.
Many evidences show that destruction of spinal inhibitory circuits allows the activation of nociceptive transmission by Ab stimulation, leading to mechanical allodynia and the restoration of inhibitory synaptic loss may be a potential approach for neuropathic pain management.
Microglia are the major phagocytes in CNS. Recently, accumulated evidences show that microglia mediated synapse elimination can be a novel mechanism to remodel neural circuits in the pathogenesis of CNS diseases.
In this study, we would like to explore whether microglia mediated phagocytic removal of inhibitory synapses in spinal cord dorsal horn of neuropathic pain model contribute to neuropathic pain.


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