Name: Amy Meng Zhaoyu

Post:Full-time Ph.D (3-years)

Enrolled: August 2011

Origin: Mainland China

First Degree:  Bachelor of Science, Peking University Health Science Center, PRC

Master Degree:  MPhil,CUHK, HK

Supervisor: Prof. Matthew TV Chan

Title of Thesis:

Epigenetic regulator of pain

Outline of the Thesis:

Knowledge on epigenetic regulation, which concerns chromatin modification
without DNA sequence change, has been developed intensively in the past
decade. As we know, post-operative chronic pain patients can often recover at 6
months to several years after the surgery, indicating the reversible pathological
state possibly results from an epigenetic modification. The enormous potential of epigenetics of pain sheds light on the pharmaceutical research on new treatment for chronic pain, where has yielded limited progress in the past decade. Our research on epigenetics of pain aims at:
1. Identifying genes that regulate pain processing and maintenance at epigenetic level;
2. Clarifying the epigenetic and genetic mechanism of the candidate genes involved in pain;
3. Examining the clinical relevance of the candidate genes.

Publications arising from his research work:

(A) Scientific Papers:

  1. Konstantatos AH, Imberger G, Angliss M, Cheng CH, Meng AZ, Chan MT. A prospective cohort study comparing early opioid requirement between Chinese from Hong Kong and Caucasian Australians after major abdominal surgery. Br J Anaesth. 2012 Nov;109(5):797-803.