Name:Bo Jia

Post:Full-time Ph.D (4-years)

Enrolled: August 2014

Origin:Mainland China

Degree:Master of Clinical Medicine, Capital Medical University, PRC

Supervisor:Prof. Matthew T.V. Chan

Title of Thesis:

The BALANCED Anaesthesia Study

Outline of the Thesis:
Monitors that use the electroencephalogram (EEG) to assess anesthetic depth in patients undergoing surgery are now widely available. General anesthesia that is performed without depth of anesthesia monitoring, tends to be relatively deep to ensure a lack of awareness. Five of six recent observational studies have shown a 20% increase in mortality in moderate or high risk patients undergoing major surgery who receive relatively deep anesthesia  but this needs to be balanced against a possible increase in the risk of awareness if patients are given lower doses of anesthetic drugs. The optimal depth at which anesthetics should be administered is unknown.