Name:Joseph Leung Yiu Cho

Post:Full-time M.Phil (2-years)

Enrolled: August 2009 - August 2011

Origin: Hong Kong

First Degree:  Honour Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto, Canada

Supervisor: Prof. Lester Critchley

Title of Thesis:

Educational research relating to E-Learning in Anaesthesia

Outline of the Thesis:


E-Learning in education is becoming increasing popular as it is easier to manipulate cases and allows easier accesses for students than real patients do.

In Chinese University of Hong Kong, we have developed Virtual Patients and FACS (Formative Assessment Case Studies). These two exercises provide students with a better understanding of our Anaesthesia Module.

Study Content:

  1. Assist in the development of Anaesthesia FACS cases and our Virtual

  2. Designs and administers surveys to the students.

  3. Analyze assessment data regarding the studentsí learning experiences..