Name: Liu Quanmeng

Post: Full-time Ph.D (3-years)

Enrolled: August 2007 - 2010

Origin: Mainland China, Shandong Province

First Degree:  Master of Clinical Medicine Science(7-year Programe), Shandong University, PRC

Supervisor: Prof.Matthew T V Chan, Prof.W S Poon#
(Jointly supervised with Neurosurgery ) 

Title of Thesis:

The Interaction with Anaesthetics on Spinal Injury

Outline of the Thesis:


The spinal cord ischemia of surgical patients is common in the clinical setting, such as resection of tumor, the repair of aortic aneurysm, and so on. And the surgeons often take the measures like clamping the segment arteries of the aorta which supply the blood of spinal cord to reduce the blood loss in the operations. And then there are some questions: for how long should we clamp the arteries to prevent the permanent spinal injury, by which we can monitor the onset of this injure.

Study Content:

  1. The development of graded ischemia model of spinal cord.

  2. Finding a threshold in which permanent injury will produce.

  3. Determining the interaction with different anesthetics on spinal injury and the changes after the use of pharmacologic preconditioning, i.e. neuroprotective strategies.