Name: Xiaojie CHENG

Post:Full-time Ph.D (3-years)

Enrolled: August 2012- 2015

Origin: Mainland China

First Degree:  Bachelor of Science, School of Bioscience, ShiHeZi University,

Master Degree:  MPhil, Capital Normal University, PRC

Supervisor: Prof. Matthew TV Chan

Title of Thesis:

 Molecular mechanisms of opioid tolerance

Outline of the Thesis:

Opioid analgesics, acting on opioid receptors, are the first-line of treatment
for pain in many clinical settings. However, some of them lead to severe
tolerance, limiting its application. The molecular mechanisms of opioid induced
tolerance are still unclear. Hence, our current study aims to:

(1) identify the genes involved in opioid induced tolerance;

(2) elucidate the underlying mechanism of opioid induced tolerance..