Name:Shelley TIAN Yuanyuan

Post: Full-time Ph.D (3-years)

Enrolled: September 2010 - 2013

Origin:Mainland China, Sichuan Province

First Degree:  Bachelor of Medicine, College of Clinical Medicine, Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

Master Degree:

Master of Doctor, Huaxi Medical Center, Sichuan University

Supervisor:Prof. Matthew T.V. Chan

Title of Thesis:

Persistent pain after surgery: molecular mechanisms

Outline of the Thesis:

We focus on the search for new pain molecules that may influence postoperative pain. This may be a new therapeutic target for future pain management. We also perform clinical epidemiology studies to evaluate the severity, risk factors and impact of postoperative pain.

Publications arising from his research work:

    1. to determine the candidate SNPs that are related to the development of chronic postsurgical pain using Genome-Wide Scan.
    2. to characterize the molecular function of candidate SNP and the nociceptive function of their genes in the animal pain models.

    3. Liu X, Tian Y, Lu N, Gin T, Cheng CH, Chan MTV.  “Stat3 Inhibition Attenuates Mechanical Allodynia Through Transcriptional Regulation of Chemokine Expression in Spinal Astrocytes”.  Public Library of Science One 2013;8;10;e75804.