To facilitate teaching and learning, our Department has acquired a high-fidelity METI-human patient simulator. Over the past years, we have conducted a number of simulator workshops for medical students (Year 5 Anaesthesia module; Special selective study module for Year 4 medical students), Anaesthesia specialists and trainees. The workshops covered five modules including airway emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, human performance issues, Anaesthetic emergencies and trauma. A variety of instructional techniques have been demonstrated by the highly realistic simulation scenarios and immediate post-scenario video-assisted debriefings according to the Crisis Resource Management principles. In addition, we have developed a number of advanced simulation experiment using the upgraded high-fidelity human patient simulator to improve learning in medical and allied health students. The Department has collaborated with Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital to organize a joint training program for anesthetists in China. Since 2010, we have organized 7 classes of 2-day crisis management workshops using our high-fidelity simulator. We have trained >300 anesthetists from different parts of China.

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