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18 July 2024
Clinical management of microbial infections has been complicated by the emergence of novel infectious agents and antibiotic resistance. To meet new challenges on a variety of infection-related issues, the Department of Microbiology adopts a multi-pronged approach to address the increasing health care needs of the society. First, education and training of medical, nursing, research and other types of health care personnel is our pivotal role, with an objective of equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills required to tackle both conventional and new problems concerning bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Second, we perform in-depth research to investigate the origin and nature of specific clinical phenomena, with a hope of improving our understanding on epidemiology and pathogenesis, and leading to advances in diagnosis and treatment. Third, our staffs are also directly involved in the provision of clinical . . . . . .    Eng | |

Department of Microbiology
Faculty of Medicine,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin ,
NT, Hong Kong SAR, CHINA
Phone: (852)3505-3333
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Email: microbiology@cuhk.edu.hk