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Certificate Course in Medical Microbiology
Joint Graduate Student Seminar
The Department organizes two Joint Graduate Student Seminars every year. These seminars are compulsory units required for graduate study. The first seminar is conducted around December each year where students will deliver a 20-minute presentation on a topic related to microbiology/virology/mycology which has been approved by his/her supervisor. The second seminar is conducted around May where students report the progress of their research project intended for his/her thesis. The performance of students will be graded by supervisors and senior members of the department. In each seminar, the best presenting student will receive a “Best Presentation Award”.
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Best Presentation Award
Date Name of Student Photo of Prize Presentation
Dec 2022 Mr Peter Luk
May 2022  Ms Deer Zhu
Dec 2021   Ms Sylvia Tong
Dec 2019 Ms Sylvia Tong
May 2019 Ms Jenny Chan
Dec 2018 Ms Reema Subramanian
May 2017 Ms Kirsty Kwok
Dec 2017 Ms Nana Poon
May 2016 Mr Dennis Hu
Dec 2015 Ms Reema Subramanian
Jun 2015 Mr Leon Lai