Research, Administrative and Honorary Staff
Elite Alumni Microbiologists
Hospital Staff
Department Photo Album
Hospital Staff
Clinical Staff
Viola C Y CHOW Consultant /Chief of Service
Ingrid CHEUNG Consultant
Ann H WONG Associate Consultant
Man Ting YUK Associate Consultant
Alfred L H LEE Resident
Eric LUI Resident
Ryan K H SZE Resident
Microbiology & Virology Laboratory
Yolanda I I HO Scientific Officer (Medical)
Eddie LEUNG Scientific Officer (Medical)
River WONG Scientific Officer (Medical)
Daniel LI Department Manager
Kevin TANG Senior Medical Technologist
Infection Control Unit
Gloria C S CHIU Nurse Consultant
T K LEUNG Advanced Practice Nurse
Sue IP Advanced Practice Nurse
Elaine LIU Advanced Practice Nurse
Candy YUEN Advanced Practice Nurse
Michelle CHEUNG Registered Nurse