Checklist for evaluating old age homes


•  Does the home have the licence granted by Social Welfare Department which needed to be posted in sight?

•  Does the home display the Business Registration Certificate and other insurance related certificates?




•  Is the home spacious enough for movement & activity?

•  Are there handrails installed in hallways, toilets & bathrooms for aiding mobility of the residents?

•  If the home is not located on ground floor, is there a lift available for access by the residents?

•  Are there sufficient emergency exits, fire alarms, smoke detectors & sprinkler systems?

•  Are there simple exercise equipment & recreational facilities?







•  Is the lighting adequate in residents' rooms, common areas & all the hallways?

•  Does the home have good ventilation?

•  Is the home clean? Are the floors free from spills & rubbish?

•  Is there no odor around the home?

•  Is the home located in a place which is easily accessed? Is there any restaurant, shopping store or open area nearby?







•  Is there sufficient manpower to serve the residents especially in evenings & weekends?

•  Do the staff treat the residents respectfully? Do the staff communicate well with the residents & visitors?




•  Is there a written description of fees listing the basic charge & any additional charges e.g. escort service, diapers, laundry, etc.?

•  Is there a written guidance on withdrawal procedure listing details for reimbursement for deposit & application fees?

•  Are there clear documentation & payment procedure for keeping record of the services received by the resident?





•  Are the meals adequate in amount & variety? Does it concern balanced diet?

•  Does the menu offer choices for residents with special needs, such as those with diabetes, vegetarian or swallowing difficulty?

•  Is the staff there to help the residents with difficulty in feeding during mealtime?




Services and Additional Services

•  Is the quality of services up to standard? Are the lifting & caring techniques proper?

•  Is there any registered or enrolled nurse responsible for the delivery of medications?

•  Is there any visiting medical officer providing consultation on a regular basis?

•  Are there any physiotherapist, occupational therapist & social worker providing related services to residents?

•  Are there recreational activities, group activities & volunteer visits held regularly? Is there any monthly activity calendar?

•  Is escort service provided and how is the charge?

•  Is there any staff training provided on a regular basis?

•  Is there special arrangement for residents with religious or cultural need?

•  Is there special arrangement for residents with dementia?











•  Is there any facility to prevent residents with cognitive impairment from wandering outside?

•  Are the residents' personal items being well protected?