Synopsis of Lecture


Lecture by Professor Yang Chen Ning

The Great Excitement in 1957 about Parity Nonconservation

In the 60 years after World War II, one of the greatest excitements in the field of physics was the 1957 announcement of parity non-conservation in the weak interactions V a degree of excitement not to be found for another thirty years. I shall give an account of this discovery in non-technical terms, including my own role in pointing to the possibility of parity non-conservation and the suggestion to perform the experiment.

Lecture by Professor Martin L. Perl

Developing Creativity and Innovation in Engineering and Science

Since 1948 I have been first an engineer and then a physicist, doing elementary particle research and physics teaching at Stanford University and also immersed in the technology and science of Silicon Valley. I will talk about and illustrate the following:

  • Creativity and Innovation in Engineering and Science
  • Necessary Conditions for Creativity
  • How to Develop a Good Idea
  • Colleagues
  • The Art of Obsession
  • The Technology You Use
  • Future Technology