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The Chinese University of Hong Kong &

The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong

16 November 2023, Thursday

12:00nn – 1:15pm

Lecture Theatre 3, Chen Kou Bun Building, CUHK


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The Effect of Mediterranean Diet on Nutrition and Athletic Performance

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The Mediterranean Diet, rooted in the traditions of Mediterranean countries, stands as a cornerstone of global dietary models. Mr. Valletta will analyze the effect of the Mediterranean Diet on nutrition and athletic performance while underlining its broader health advantages.

The diet prominently features fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, notably olive oil. These elements form a rich source of essential nutrients and antioxidants, nurturing improved nutrition. Athletes, in particular, benefit from the complex carbohydrates in grains and fruits, which offer sustained energy. Lean proteins support muscle recovery and development, while monounsaturated fats in olive oil and nuts enhance joint health, reducing the risk of injuries.

The Mediterranean Diet not only fosters excellent nutrition but also uplifts athletic performance. Its potential to bolster general health, including heart health and inflammation reduction, solidifies its status as a globally acclaimed dietary pattern. Whether for athletes seeking optimal performance or individuals pursuing a holistic and healthful diet, adopting this time-honored dietary model proves to be a wise choice.

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Mr. Valletta graduated from the University of Naples Federico II with a Master's Degree in Biology, specializing in the Biology of Nutrition. He has served as a Nutritionist for several prominent sports teams and organizations in Italy, including the Gladiator 1924 Football Club, and the National Amateur League (including U16, U17, U18 (male), and U20 (female)), where his contributions led to resounding victories in both domestic and international competitions. In 2022, Mr. Valletta took on the role of Nutritionist in the Performance and Research Area of the Italian Football Federation and guided the U16 men's national team to triumph, securing two coveted European trophies in France and Portugal. He is currently working with the U19W (women) national team, preparing for the 2024 European Championships.

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Mr. Flavio Valletta


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